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Spring Fever: Yoga for Healthy Intimacy with Lindsay Tauscher


Yoga's mindfulness and breathing techniques can translate to greater presence and pleasure with our partners (and our selves!). Plus - can't we all benefit from greater strength and flexibility in yoga and during sex? Yoga is a practice of union: of mind and body, but also, of self with others. Sexual intimacy is one of the most universal human expressions. Both yoga and sex can relieve stress, increase blood flow and open the heart. Both encourage us to accept our bodies in all of their capabilities and limitations. Come discover that sought-after sense of union, strength and skill - and leave with increased self-esteem and heightened consciousness that will serve you in the bedroom...and beyond. This workshop is open to individuals regardless of relationship status, gender identity or sexual orientation. Lindsay's certifications and studies in sexuality, sexual health, consent and relationship communication ensure a safe, private and supportive environment. 

Investment: $30

($27 Embrace FLYpass Members)