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Sankalpa Practice and Meditation with April Puciata

Set an intention in 2016 that resonates with your spirit!

Sankalpa is an intention, a purpose, a desire for change. It is a seed of hope that is drawn from the unconscious mind. It is quite different than a new year's resolution, which is usually something we want to start doing or stop doing. Well, intended, of course, but difficult to follow through with and usually abandon. The power of Sankalpa is in allowing the intention to manifest and allowing the unconscious mind to select a change we really want or need.

Sankalpa comes from two words: "San", which means that which resonates with spirit, and "Kalpa", which is an intention. The goal of the Sankalpa practice is to embed your intention into the deeper realms of your unconscious, enabling you to realize your life's purpose and manifest it into your living with grace and ease. 

In this workshop April will lead you through a flow practice integrating the kriya techniques used to open the passage to the unconscious, which governs us. Then the class will be led through a series of ancient Tantric techniques to help you form your sankalpa and plant it into the unconscious realm so that you can know your own truth and manifest it into our living.