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Celebrate Your Fierce Inner Goddess ~ NYE Retreat at Kripalu Center w/ Faith

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Kripalu Center, December 29, 2017 – Jan 1, 2018

For all women.

Release the blocks, cultivate inner strength, and celebrate your unique qualities. This NYE retreat is your opportunity to peel back the layers and awaken your fierce inner goddess. Journey into the depths of the feminine and learn to access your sacred center in every aspect of your life as you.

  • Open the doorway to your “womb wisdom” and create a pathway to healing through listening and self-awareness.
  • Recharge your bright light through asana, kriyas, meditation, mudras, chanting, and journaling.
  • Learn practices and establish your daily rituals (SoulPrints) for nurturing your body, mind, and soul.
  • Bask in the spirit of sisterhood along with other women on the path of honoring the feminine.

This is your time to move, release, reset, and step into the New Year like the amazing goddess you are.

Note: Bring a favorite journal, a personal item infused with love for the goddess altar, and an open heart.