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Alchemy of Holding Space for Yoga Teachers


Part 1: Energy, Presence and Touch - Teaching yoga is more than calling out postures and creating sequences. As an instructor, your primary roll is to “hold space” for your students. This module focuses on developing a supportive and life-changing experience for yogis, while also enhancing your levels of keen awareness, observation, and timing, in order to effectively carry your students through a sacred journey of personal transformation. Learn how to understand, observe and perceive the body's subtle energy, directions of movement, clues of resistance, and internal blockages. During the Advanced Hands-On Assisting component, learn the principles of Thai Massage, nonjudgmental alignment for every body type, and active attention to and reading of body language as ways to enhance and create your own physical adjustments. Also, experience how voice, tone, language and nonverbal communication creates a vibration within the space. 

Part 2: Threads of Folklore: Deities, Myths & Tales - Meet goddesses, gods, and spiritual guides from ancient cultures across the globe. Explore how to utilize folkloric tales in your classes, develop powerful, story-based themes, and design sequences that support and tell the story. Create a bridge-based modern connection by infusing your own life experiences to cultivate an experience that brings the practice full circle.

Friday, 3pm-6pm, 7:45pm-9pm
Saturday, 1:30-8pm
Sunday, 1:30pm-6pm

**This is a component of Faith Hunter's 300hr Yoga Teacher Training Program.**

Investment: $525 or $475 (early bird ends April 26)