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Follow the Energy: Self-Care for Stressful Times with Lindsay Tauscher

We cannot avoid these stressful times - and, the impending holiday season, while joyful, may lead to overwhelm. Energy healing offers us simple yet profound tools for self-care, which can bring us greater balance in body, mind and spirit. On this new moon day, come set your intention for the next lunar cycle and learn how energy healing techniques can support you during this intense time of year. Drawing on her experience with yoga, Reiki, and Healing Touch, Lindsay Tauscher (RYT 200, HTP) will introduce basic concepts about energy healing and the chakras. Students will be guided through a series of practices that connect them with their own energy, including sacred touch, pranayama (regulating energy with the breath), meditation, and visualization. We’ll have the chance to play with sensing and scanning energy, helping to make the intangible tangible. We’ll also explore some of the scientific theories and research that validate the efficacy of these techniques. Students will leave class with a deeper connection to their own subtle energy, as well as knowledge of several practices that can be incorporated into an energetic wellness routine and used to support family and friends. 

Cost: $30

($25.50 Embrace FLYpass Members)