Free Your Soul:  Yoga Principles for Embracing Your Unique Flow in Life

1440 Multiversity, July 7 – 9, 2017 

Friday-Sunday: 2 nights ~ $295 + All inclusive Accommodations

Do you set goals but never seem to achieve them? Do you feel empty and know something is missing? Are you
ready to make a shift but aren’t sure how to take the first step? Our lives are filled with a million experiences that create suffering, confusion, pain, and static behavior. As a result, our lives become chaotic, and we are unable to reconnect to our true brilliance.

This weekend, Faith Hunter will share her Spiritually Fly™ life sutras and the principles in them can help you break free and live the life you desire. Through yoga asana, meditation, mantras, journaling, and soul circles, you will begin the personal process of letting go of limiting thoughts and negative feelings.

In this soul-supportive experience you will learn:

Soul-circle practices to ground your energy, ignite your inner fire, build loving trust, and set you free

How to cultivate the courage to face your fears with bravery and compassion

Meditation and journaling to unlock your true divine self and ignite your Spiritually Fly soul.

You will dig deep, dial into your inner wisdom, and free your soul! And you’ll walk away with personalized practices to use on and off the mat that will guide you through life’s difficult moments.

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