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Aromatherapy & Ceremonial Cacao Women's Circle with Sally Golestanian and Mary Thibault


Magic happens when women come together. In this space, we’ll create a warm, welcoming environment to manifest, create, and nourish the innate wisdom that resides within each one of us. Together, you’ll learn about essential oils, will be guided through calming breathwork and meditation, and will participate in a heart-opening cacao ceremony. Cacao rebalances the relationship between our head and our heart and essential oils bring us to deeper meditative states. When paired, they arm us with the courage to call in loving intentions, and the confidence to release energetic roadblocks. You’ll walk away with a sample oil, and a supportive, uplifting community.

Investment: $40 ($36 Embrace FLYpass Members)

Please bring:

  • Your favorite mug

  • A journal & pen

  • Cozy clothing


What is ceremonial cacao? Most people have connected with it in the form of processed chocolate. Cacao is a plant medicine and superfood that can positively affect our state of mind. It helps with cardiovascular health and is packed with over 500 beneficial compounds. Cacao rebalances the relationship between our head and our heart. It opens energetic centers, and helps us cleanse physical and energetic blockages that build through life’s inevitable transitions. Cacao was first used by Mayan and Aztec groups over 3,500 years ago for various rituals and celebrations. The Aztec word for chocolate translates to 'Heart Blood' and the scientific name for cacao translates to ‘Food of the Gods’. The Aztec community revered it so much it was once used as their currency. Recognizing, honoring, and respecting the history of cacao and the ways in which our ancestors used it will only help deepen our relationship and appreciation with this sacred heart medicine.

This circle is open to anyone who identifies as a woman and in order to experience the subtle yet powerful effects of cacao, we recommend avoiding alcohol and caffeine the day prior and the day of the ceremony. If you are on any antidepressants, are breastfeeding, have any heart issues, or a history of epilepsy please let us know prior to the day of the event.