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Get Grounded: Yoga for Overcoming Burnout with Lindsay Tauscher

Nothing triggers a sense of burnout quite like tax season: evaluating finances, making payments, and feeling like we never have “enough” can be a stressful and draining experience. Especially for the many of us in DC who are activists, non-profit workers, and service providers, it’s easy to become exhausted and overworked. This often comes at the expense of our own self-care and puts us at a heightened risk of burnout, which occurs when our nervous system becomes overwhelmed by chronic stress and can no longer cope. In this workshop, students will gain an understanding of the physiological process behind burnout and will be guided in a grounding practice of asana, breath work, and meditation to help return to homeostasis. Participants will leave this workshop with a variety of simple techniques that can help us to de-stress and re-center when life’s challenges become overwhelming. Taught by Lindsay Tauscher, RYT 200, HTP-A. REGISTER TODAY!

Investment:  $25    Date: April 16    Time:  1:30pm - 3:30pm