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BREAK ON THROUGH: Take Your Practice to the Next Level w/ Ellie Bernstein


Ready to break through some barriers and advance your yoga practice? Want to feel stronger and more creative in Open Level and Level 1.5/2 classes? This 3-hour workshop is dedicated to tips and tricks for intermediate and advanced poses and transitions. Choose your comfort level while learning how poses develop and build. After a short warmup, dive into attentive instruction, demonstrations, practice and anatomy study. Finally, after all your hard work, enjoy a cool-down and deep relaxation to integrate the day's lessons. Bring a journal for Anatomy and other notes. Tea and water provided. 

  • Vinyasa elements & transitions: Jump back/forward and Chaturanga to Upward Facing Dog.
  • Backbends: Wild Thing, Flip Dog and Wheel.
  • Standing poses, revolved poses, balances & transitions: Revolved Triangle, Revolved Half-Moon, Eagle to Warrior 3 to Standing Split, Side Angle to Bound Angle to Bird of Paradise, and Hand-to-Toe Pose (standing/extended/twisting).
  • Arm balances: Side Crow, Shoulder Pressing Pose (Bhujapidasana) and Firefly
  • Inversions: Headstand (with preparatory poses) and Handstand (with preparatory poses).

Pose requests are welcome

Cost:  $30