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Astrology + Alchemy: Creating Talismans using the Zodiac with Sandy Rueve

Join astrologer and clay alchemist, Sandy Rueve for a workshop dedicated to setting your intention- in clay form! Using your astrological natal chart, Sandy will bring the stars down to earth through easy to understand the terminology, mythology, and current planetary transits. Following the lecture and guided meditation, each attendee will hand roll their own millefiori clay bead- energetically infusing their intention inside. This is a wonderful workshop for those who have a curiosity of astrology and like to get creative!

**Each participant will receive their personal chart and in-depth reading.**

Cost: $60

About Sandy: A Spirited Creator. Having studied astrology for nearly two decades, Sandy Rueve hand creates clay beads with precise astrological timing to take on the energies available. Sandy blends art, astrology, and alchemy to help her clients reach their desires thru mindfulness and talismans.

NOTE:  Please register by Sept 20 to receive a personal reading.