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Expanding Awareness: Yoga w/Micah and Dan

We are so easily distracted by social media, technology, to-do lists, and countless other things in our daily lives. Whether we realize it or not, we become disconnected in mind and body.

Our goal in this workshop is for everyone to leave feeling at home in their bodies; to live fully in the present moment with every breath, movement, heartbeat, and thought. There is so much beauty to experience in life that we often overlook, and it is right inside of us.

Micah and Dan will begin by creating space with a slow flow yoga practice to prepare us for a relaxing Yoga Nidra (or yogic sleep) experience. Yoga Nidra is a form of guided meditation that leads us through inquiry and exploration of felt sensation in the mind, body, breath, and senses. We begin with heartfelt intention and somatic sensing, eventually landing in a space of deeply peaceful, heart-centered presence.

Having created space and stillness with asana and yoga nidra, we will finish off our time with a guided meditation. The preparation we have done leading up to this point will allow us to access Awareness in our meditative state more easily.