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Living At Ease: Tools To Help Manage Anxiety w/ Jessica Mahler


If you regularly feel stuck, constantly worried or nervous, or like you are a slave to the self-conscious thoughts that seem to be playing like a broken record in your head, this workshop will offer you tools and practices to put into practice anytime that churning sensation starts to rise in your belly or you feel overwhelmed by that familiar, uncomfortable restlessness. Having suffered from crippling anxiety for 25 years, I want to share all the tricks I’ve learned to help manage my relationship to the sensation in order to help you feel more at ease and more connected to yourself. Learn about what anxiety actually is, how and why it shows up in the body, and how you can start to shift your relationship to it and use as a tool to help you transform your life.

Please bring something to take notes with and dress comfortably for a light yoga practice.

Price includes a crystal for each participant that will help sooth nerves and lift anxieties to assist your energy beyond the workshop.

Investment: $40 (FlyPass Members $36)