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Workshop for Yoga Teachers… Yoga Retreat Planning 101: Let’s Get Real with April Puciata

Are you a yoga teacher who wants to travel to incredible destinations to share your love of yoga? Are you looking for a way to increase your income? Have you considered leading yoga retreats - or perhaps you have led your own retreat? Are you wondering just how to create a successful retreat?

There are many benefits to retreats including deepening the experience of yoga for your students, world travel, and it can even be financially rewarding. Often however, retreats and the marketing/selling of retreats are not as well thought out or executed as they could be. The results are low or no sign ups. If the retreat does happen, it can result in being very unorganized, at the very least. This leaves many teachers frustrated and drained - both emotionally and financially. This reality is something that we don’t often address until the retreat is over, or perhaps cancelled. Or perhaps it is not addressed at all.

Join April Puciata for a special workshop designed for yoga teachers - Retreat Planning 101: Let’s Get Real. Included in this discussion:

  • What questions you should answer before you even begin thinking about a destination.
  • How to decide on a destination and questions.
  • Pros and cons of partnering with another teacher and/or retreat planning groups
  • The money aspect of retreats. What should you charge and how to decide. (Included is a look at the spreadsheet I use to figure out the numbers.)
  • What kind of experience do you want to create?
  • The often dreaded question - How to market and sell your retreat?
  • Some important things to consider to build your retreat audience.

April Puciata is a Senior ISHTA Yoga Teacher who is leading one of the first American yoga retreats in Cuba, which has sold out. She has also led successful retreats to Costa Rica, Mexico, Miami Beach, The Catskills and Italy. She taught for ten years in NYC and now teaches classes as well as trainings and private clients in Washington DC.  REGISTER TODAY!

Investment: $30