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Weekend Yoga Workshops with Ryan Cunningham

A Weekend with Ryan Cunningham from Boston

Keep It Simple!, Friday May 16, 11am-1pm

The best way to keep the yoga practice interesting and fresh is to keep it simple! However simple does not necessarily mean easy or even less challenging. By shifting the focus of practice from achieving a pose to promoting balance, the poses take on a whole new meaning. This class will be a well rounded practice blending active and passive postures. All levels of student are welcome! Cost: $30  Click to register and learn more.

Understanding Your Core: It's probably not what you think..., May 16, 2pm-4pm

There will be NO CRUNCHES in this workshop... I promise. "The Core" is now a ubiquitous term throughout modern yoga practice. This is for good reason as we do need our "core" to stabilize our bodies as we tie ourselves up into yoga asanas. To understand the basic function of the abdominal wall we will move through a simple, invigorating practice that will re-examine the balance strength and release in our practice. Cost: $30  Click to register and learn more.

The Fluid Spine: Releasing Tension while Cultivating Strength, May 17, 11am-2pm

Back pain has become epidemic in our culture. In an effort to protect ourselves from this pain, yoga students often engage in rigid exercises in order to “protect” the spine during yoga practice. While this may cause temporary relief, it also can create excess tension in the spinal muscles from the sacrum all the way up to the neck, shoulders and skull. Tension in these muscles can also be exacerbated by everyday circumstance, such as stress, work conditions and postural habits. The solution, like most things, is finding a balance of strength and ease as we condition the body to support the spine through subtle muscular action. Cost: $40  Click to register and learn more.