The practice of yoga is a never ending journey of personal development and exploration.

We are honored to offer an array of educational offerings from a broad collection of local and international yoga instructors, healers and health professionals. As a Yoga Alliance registered facility, we provide monthly CE workshops to enhance your teaching, encourage your personal growth, and increase your knowledge of self and the practice. Topics may include: teaching techniques, asana sequencing, finding your voice, meditation, pranayama, yoga therapy, etc.

You can also take these programs and work towards your 300hr certification with Faith Hunter Yoga. Keep in mind, when you take this component separately, it will not include a year-long mentorship program. 


Friday 3pm-6pm, 7:45pm-9pm, Saturday, 1:30-8pm and Sunday, 1:30pm-6pm

Spiritually Fly Master Sequencing (300hr YTT Weekend Intensive) with Faith Hunter

Nov 10-12, 2017

Yoga teachers will learn innovative Vinyasa sequences, advanced Asanas, creative movement, Pranayamas, Kriyas, mudras, chanting, mantra, meditation and other techniques for creating a Spiritually Fly yoga class. Because sound vibration is a major element of a Spiritually Fly practice, Faith will illustrate how to craft a playlist that enhances your sequence, as well as how to incorporate mantras and chanting into Vinyasa classes. Throughout the weekend, experience the art of creative design, sequence building, fluid transitions, pace and breath, musical vibrations, all-levels teaching, and building toward advanced Asanas.

Investment: $525 or $475 (early bird)


Dec 8 - 10, 2017

Includes an overview of the Vedic tradition from which yoga originates, essential concepts, terminology, and categories of knowledge in the Vedic tradition, a comparison of different schools of Vedanta, Vedic epistemology, hermeneutics, and cosmology, and practical applications of traditional yoga philosophy in the modern world. Yoga-sutras, Part 1: Conceptions of Identity in Yoga Philosophy - Covers the psychology of yoga in terms of spiritual identity and material mis-identity. Includes a detailed description of the three qualities of material nature, impressions on the mind, and the essential tension between modern western culture and traditional yoga philosophy. Yoga-sutras, Part 2: Yoga as a Moral Philosophy - Covers the values, ethical imperatives, and moral actions associated with living a yogic lifestyle as well as the relationship of morality to the acquisition of knowledge. Keys to Understanding the Bhagavad-gita - Includes a summary of the Mahabharata - the back-story of the Gita, the literary structure of the Gita, the five topics of the Gita, an overview of the four systems of yoga described in the Gita (karma-yoga, astanga-yoga, bhakti-yoga, and jnana-yoga), and the Gita's hierarchical conception of reality. Life Lessons from the Bhagavad-gita - Includes key verses and passages that offer specific insights into Arjuna’s moral dilemma, our own personal challenges, applying yogic values to social issues, how navigate relationships, and living a purpose-driven life. The Perfection of Yoga - Covers the central position of devotion in both the Yoga-sutras and the Bhagavad-gita, why devotion is the indispensable element for the success of any system of yoga, and how Bhakti-yoga incorporates and subsumes all of the other methods of yoga. Includes discussions on the definition and attributes of Isvara, the concept of Krishna, spiritual plurality and inclusion, and the intersection of yoga and religion.

Investment: $525 or $475 (early bird)

SUPER Early Bird by Nov 25: $425

Chakra Healing: Body and Soul (300hr YTT Weekend Intensive) with Faith Hunter

Feb - 2-4, 2018

Discover the healing power of the Chakra System and its origins in India, Africa, and other ancient cultures. Drawing from Faith’s online Chakra videos and meditation recordings, learn how to sequence Chakra-inspired classes and/or workshops utilizing Kundalini Kriyas, essential oils, crystals, chanting, mantra, meditation, Pranayama and Hatha-based Asana. Explore each Chakra in-depth, and take home a toolbox brimming with techniques to incorporate into your teaching practice. 

Investment: $525 or $475 (early bird)

The Urban Yoga Den (Ancient Tools for Modern Living) with Holly Meyers

March 23-25, 2018

How can we inspire our students to value yoga's ancient foundations? By modeling these deeply healing and transforming resources in our own practices and lives. Tapping into Holly's training and background with urban, at-risk and vulnerable communities - as well as her personal journey from trauma and addiction to healing and recovery - ignite your teaching intentions, your noble life purpose and your soulful service in the world. Step into The Urban Yoga Den, where classical yoga texts and tools take their rightful place in contemporary yoga classes...and, modern life. During this advanced studies weekend, teachers will practice physical yoga, study texts, and, engage in group discussion, self-inquiry, speed journaling and take-home explorations. Topics include: Patanjali's Eight Limbs: A Design for Living - Discover ways to make yoga philosophy accessible and practical for all students, from studio yogis to at-risk populations. Learn to express the Yoga Sutras in plain language. And, create your personal Yamas and Niyamas. Embodying Ideology - Design a contemporary Vinyasa yoga class whose sequence flows through the Eight Limbs. Safe Havens - Learn trauma-informed approaches to teaching vulnerable and sensitive students. Utilize Pranayama, Meditation, Yoga Nidra and Restorative Yoga in order to prevent, respond to and heal from trauma and crisis. Connect and Serve - Design Dharma Talks that inspire students with personal stories of challenge and resilience. Understand the difference between the ideology of Karma, and, the practice of Karma Yoga. 

Investment: $525 or $475 (early bird)

Alchemy of Holding Space with Yogi J. Miles and Faith Hunter

May 18-20, 2018

Part 1: Energy, Presence and Touch - Teaching yoga is more than calling out postures and creating sequences. As an instructor, your primary roll is to “hold space” for your students. This module focuses on developing a supportive and life-changing experience for yogis, while also enhancing your levels of keen awareness, observation, and timing, in order to effectively carry your students through a sacred journey of personal transformation. Learn how to understand, observe and perceive the body's subtle energy, directions of movement, clues of resistance, and internal blockages.  During the Advanced Hands-On Assisting component, learn the principles of Thai Massage, nonjudgmental alignment for every body type, and active attention to and reading of body language as ways to enhance and create your own physical adjustments. Also, experience how voice, tone, language and nonverbal communication creates a vibration within the space. Part 2: Threads of Folklore:  Deities, Myths & Tales - Meet goddesses, gods, and spiritual guides from ancient cultures across the globe. Explore how to utilize folkloric tales in your classes, develop powerful, story-based themes, and design sequences that support and tell the story. Create a bridge-based modern connection by infusing your own life experiences to cultivate an experience that brings the practice full circle.

Investment: $525 or $475 (early bird)

Applied Anatomy & Therapeutics with Megan Davis

July 6-8, 2018

These sessions are designed to give yoga teachers a practical understanding of anatomy and functional movement with the goal of supporting individual students in a practice that is appropriate for their bodies.  Our focus will be the ways in which our dynamic, moving structure can be supported through variations and modifications to support balance between strength and flexibility.  We will also spend some time doing postural assessment to practice identifying patterns of dysfunction in the body that might be improved through particular asanas. 

Investment: $525 or $475 (early bird)

Hustle and Flow:  The Business of a Modern Healer with Faith Hunter & April Puciata

Sept 14-16, 2018

Cultivating a following online and in-person requires creativity, dedication and commitment. In an industry that is constantly shifting and changing, it is essential to set personal goals and build a recognizable brand that is authentic and personalized. Faith and April will share the REAL Deal…and BTW - it doesn’t happen overnight! Part 1: Branding and Media Presence - This workshop is designed to help you tell your story and share your passion online. Whether you are just starting out, or have already taken steps to promote your wellness business, this session will help you refine your brand and learn how to authentically share your offerings with your audience. Topics include: social media, media strategy, creating valuable content, follower engage and connection, personal branding, and video creation. Part 2: Yoga Retreat Planning and Marketing 101 - The many benefits of presenting retreats include: helping your students deepen their experience of yoga; global travel; and financial rewards. However, to effectively design, market, sell and lead a retreat requires innovative strategies, detailed planning and tight execution. In this discussion, learn: what details to consider and questions to ask yourself before thinking about destination; effective ways to choose a location; pros and cons of partnering with retreat planning companies or another yoga teacher; sensible prices, budgets and profit; how to create a unique experience; sales and marketing strategy; and how to build your retreat clientele.

Investment: $525 or $475 (early bird)

Yoga Alliance Continuing Education (CE) hours will be provided.