love letter from faith & holly


Dear Embrace Community,

Tonight, we are writing to our entire Embrace family: teachers, desk staff, students and wider circle. We are not writing as a "Studio Manager," "Business Owner" and "Teachers." Tonight, we write to you as fellow human beings, trudging this rocky road...right there alongside you.

Since the 1990s, when both of our yoga journeys began, we have experienced the infinite gifts and tools of this ancient practice. Whether feeling the divine bliss of a challenging physical class, an uplifting Bhakti chanting session, or, a philosophical immersion, we are fortunate to enjoy this practice as a way of life.

The physical aspect of yoga provides a foundation for energetic balance; devotional efforts provide a canvas for trust and faith; and philosophy opens doors to the infinite answers to some very tough questions. Questions about injustice, violence, hatred and more. When you feel that current world conditions are robbing your body, spirit, and mind of their wellness...keep coming back to YOUR yoga.

When we come to practice at Embrace, let's bring our genuine selves. Whether you are the person walking in the door, the person on the mat, the person at the desk or the person guiding class - we are all finding our way through this mess. We are not always going to feel "well" when we show up. Usually, as Business Owner and Manager, we would encourage teachers and desk staff to "hold neutral space," to process separately and to focus only on the students' needs. However, the fact is, even your teachers and helpers are stumbling through these times. So, we're asking everyone - everyone - to bring their whole, human, imperfect selves through the door.

And let's show up with open minds and loving hearts.

These days, you might find that your experience at Embrace includes moments of silence, invitations to share, emotional discomfort, and sometimes, encouragement to exhale LOUDLY. Please – do YOU…do YOUR yoga! Also, know that we are in this together, so don’t be afraid ask for support when needed. We are not a professional counseling center; but, we are a yoga studio infused with love. Our desire is to create a space for healing designed for all.

Each of us yearns for tolerance, patience, understanding, and compassion in the world around us. Now - let's put our yoga to the test. Let's practice these qualities with and for each other. Let’s practice these qualities in each breath and encounter. Without fail, that same energy will follow us out the door, onto the street, into our next destination. Without fail, the yoga of humanness, connection, and love will fortify our lives - and, affect the lives of everyone around us.

As we all navigate the ongoing tragedies, let's rely on each other as yogis, allies, family, community!

From the depths of our hearts, we feel deeply grateful to be in this with you. Thank you for traveling this journey with us. 

Love is our only option! OM Shanti.

Faith & Holly