for students...

book a reservation & take class

Please try to reserve your class online with the teacher, if you are unable to register problem. Most of the teachers leave a few spaces open in each class for drop-in students.  Please come at least 10-15 minutes early if you don’t have a reservation (if class is ending, hang tight on the bottom of the stairs). We suggest arrive no more that 15mins before class starts. Press the buzzer downstairs and someone will let you in.

payment, expiration date or number of classes left on my pass

Each teacher handles this personally. You will need to contact them directly. If you have an Embrace pass or attending an Embrace event, you can contact us directly.

mat or towel

You can rent a mat for $1 and a towel for $1 (cash only PLEASE).

late arrival

If you registered, however you arrive 3-mins late, there is a chance your spot will be given to a student on the wait list. If you arrive 10-mins after class starts, the instructor has the right to refuse admittance.