The Art of the Hug


By Perry Daniels

Many times, I have been complimented on my ability to give warm and affectionate hugs. The recognition of such a naturally occurring skill was a bit of a surprise to me. Since the affectionate hug is not as common as I once believed, I decided to share the formula for a successful warm and affectionate hug.

The first and most fundamental ingredient one poses in order to execute the best hug is genuine love for humanity. I’m talking love for a person simply because they are a person. See, hugs begin on the inside of each of us, that’s the “warm” part of the hug. People who give great hugs tend to be very optimistic regarding the human condition. Not in a blind, ignoring the state of the world sense but in a, the solution to the state of the world lies within everyone they hug, sense.

This leads us to the second paramount ingredient for the best hug. One must genuinely care about the well-being of the person hugged. This is the affectionate part of the skill. The first part “warm” is on the macro level however, in order for the hug to truly resonate with the person being hugged, you must be on a micro level, and truly be concerned about the individual.

It is a simple formula, if executed properly you too will start receiving comments on how great your hugs are. The last thing that I would encourage you to do is, practice, practice, and practice.  


The Nubian Yogi