Start Your Year with Self-Care


By Samia Brown, Embrace Events and Facilities Manager

With so many active energies, moods and intentions at the start of this new year it can be challenging and quite frankly overwhelming for some of us to decide where to focus our goals for 2019. The usual suspects are of course career, relationships, travel, health and fitness; but what if we shifted our attention to the true core of each of those. The one source that allows any of the others to materialize or not, to flourish or not, to be accomplished or not, or at its most basic level, to exist.

The most frequently overlooked and underserved element which is… our self . And whether we are acknowledging the self or ‘Self’, let us make this new year one that realizes all of our dreams through developing a routine, practice or ritual for self-care. While the term ’self-care’ has become a very popular one lately, the spectrum of how that materializes in our lives can leave the most determined of us feeling defeated or on some level unworthy of the benefits of treating ourselves well. Sometimes we can settle for one time experiences, like getting a massage or trying out one new class as the sole attempt at putting effort towards our ultimate wellbeing.

Not that efforts such as those are not great, but we must keep sight of the fact that self-care is an ever-evolving process of intentional steps towards a joyous and balanced life. Starting down a new path of making choices that lead to our greatest feelings of happiness can be intimidating, but it is also the key to creating a strong spiritual and physical foundation that drives our motivations and fuels us to take great strides in living the lives of our dreams. So where are some places we can begin to look for opportunities to create healthy self-care habits? Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

Go with your gut. Where is your internal compass leading you? What does it want you to do? Oftentimes, we cannot hear what truth this voice is sharing because it is blocked by the noise we experience in the world outside of ourselves. Practice listening to yourself and develop the trust that it will lead you to your greatest discoveries.

Start your own self-care challenge. Devote at least six weeks to a consist routine of anything that does your being good and speaks to your spirit, loudly. Then set a goal. Write it down and track any changes you notice in yourself without judgement. The key here is consistency- do whatever it takes to complete the entire time you promised yourself. Create a group of people with similar goals for themselves to keep each other on track and feeling supported. #selfcaresunday anyone?

Work on the inside as well as the out. Find a unique workshop or wellness retreat to a place in the world you’ve  dreamed of visiting. This is a great way to identify the ways in which you need to be nurtured. 

How have you all started to care for yourselves?

Where is this journey leading you?