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Embrace is a LIVE and on-line community….always evolving like your yoga practice.  Our amazing crew of instructors truly share what they love. They were chosen to teach in this space and offer online inspiration as an expression of their creative freedom. We are thrilled they have decided to use their authentic voice in a supportive environment. 

**click the link to double check the schedule...adjustments are made during the holidays.**

daily schedule - CLICK TO REGISTER!


6:15pm-7:30pm - Embrace Power Flow with Adrianne Burke

7:30pm-8:30pm - Embrace Flow (all levels) with Amanda McCormick


6:15pm-7:15pm - Embrace Vinyasa Flow (level 1/basics) with Lindsay Taucher


6:15pm-7:15pm - Embrace Power Flow (#HumpDay Party) with Kymmi Hayes

7:45pm-9:15pm - Embrace Flow (level 1.5) with Candace Tyler


6:15pm-7:30pm - Embrace $5 Flow (all level) with Stacee Becker

8pm-9pm - Embrace $5 Flow (all levels) with Perry Daniels


6:30pm-7:45pm - Rocket Yoga with Ahmed Jabali-Nash


9:15am-10:15am - cOMmunity Yoga Class with Candace Tyler

11:15am-12:30pm - Yoga+Kickboxing = KickFlow  (all levels)


8:45am-10am - Yoga For Life (Pay What You Can) with Holly Meyers

11am-12:30pm - Embrace Flow (1.5/2 - open to all levels) with Jan Cokinos