Step inside and Embrace Your Flow™. Embrace your beauty, your passion, and your true divine self!

Tap into the source, be in the breath, and embody the joy of life by linking movement to breath. Our vinyasa flow classes offer dynamic movement incorporating sun salutations, creative asana (posture) sequencing, and mindful attention to alignment that works with your body. When you practice at Embrace, you will nourish the body and fuel the soul.


Embrace Flow (all levels)

This free spirited vinyasa flow class truly encourages you to EMBRACE your flow. It includes creative sun salutations, jump backs, binds, inversions, arm balances, and flowing movement that creates heat and calms the mind. Don’t stress, you can always move at your own flow, and child pose is your friend.

Beginner Flow (basics/level 1)

Beginner vinyasa flow classes provide a safe space for new students to learn yoga basics and breathing techniques. The class is moderately paced, alignment based, and thoroughly instructive.

Embrace Flow (1.5)

By linking mindful movement to breath, this vinyasa class is suited for advanced beginner and experienced students alike. The class offers sun salutations, creative sequences, mindful alignment principles, and complimentary breath work associated with each pose.  The class includes foundational asanas (posutres) while also focusing on strengthening core muscle groups needed for arm balances, inversion, and other postures.  Get ready to have fun, try new postures, and play towards your personal edge. The practice will also warm the body and fuel the soul. 

Embrace Flow (level 2/3)

This level 2 vinyasa flow class is powerful and dynamic. The yoga practice incorporates advanced arm balances, inversions, and energetic sequences that challenge the body and stimulate the mind. You must have a knowledge of the basic postures. The teacher will provide detailed instruction on how to advance to deeper postures. The class will follow a workshop format and build up to specific postures. 

Embrace Your Strength (all Levels)

Push you body and mind to new limits! Mind over mat, you'll feel your body working hard in challenging, energetic yoga sequences. This class for alveolus, with modifications offered for beginners and advanced students. Come see what you've made of, have fun, feel the burn, and Embrace Your Strength...Mental & Physical! 

Embrace ROCKET YOGA (all levels)

ROCKET YOGA is a vibrant and dynamic style of vinyasa/flow yoga that transforms the traditional Ashtanga series into a spirited, energetic practice which we are all about at Embrace. Class will include a playful mix of sun salutations, standing standing postures, arm balances, inversions, backbends and seated postures. Modifications are provided by the instructor. Explore your edge!



live life to the fullest, embrace life with passion.
— Faith Hunter